Thursday, May 6

Hmm...who to vote for?

waited 5 hours to register... make it count! 
It's three days before the election and I still don't have a "who to vote for" list. This is the first automated elections in the Philippines so confusion is somewhat expected, but I don't want to be caught flat-footed in the voting booth so I should at least make a list.

My family's never been interested in politics, but come election time, my late grandpa Itay had always encouraged family members to vote for any national candidate from the Bicol region... hoping that if they win, our province would reap the benefits. So if any Bicolanos are on the ballot and they are not crooks, expect me and my family to vote for them... it's tradition.

I haven't voted since I was a teenager, having moved to the big city for school... I just didn't know any local candidates and I didn't think my vote would matter anyway. It took me more than a decade to wise up and register to vote again so here I am, strangely excited to exercise my right to vote and still no list, grrrr!

So let's do this:

President: Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino III - He promises not to increase taxes, wants to fight corruption and this is kinda a vote for his parents too... I hope he's worthy of the name he carries (super fingers crossed).

Vice-President:  Bayani Fernando Mar Roxas - I promised years ago to vote for Bayani Fernando if he ever ran for President for unsnarling traffic at EDSA (heavy traffic drove me nuts when I was a student) but Mar Roxas is a good guy and Binay is catching up in the latest surveys so...

1. Sonia Roco - educator, civic leader and Bicolana, enough said.
2. Ruffy Biazon - accomplished legislator... I just like the guy

There, who else? Hontiveros? Cayetano?  I don't even know who to vote for at the local Makati elections... Erwin Genuino maybe? He's cute and a Facebook friend, but that's just silly... dang, this is hard.

I don't know anything about these people. I have to read their platforms etc. and I need to call my Mama to ask about other non-crook Bicolanos running, she knows for sure. :)


Missy,  01:13  

Ganyan din ang lolo ko, kaya up to now I still consider kung taga probinsya namin ang kandidato at kung mukhang matino naman e binobotohan ko hehehe. Noy-Mar din ako, mag straight Liberal ka na lang sa senatorial... mukhang ok naman silang lahat.

Anonymous,  05:45  

I'm a Makati voter too at di ko rin gusto si Binay, nagpayaman din sa pwesto yan.

myfingersrtyping 06:31  

few more days to go and a new Philippine President will be named, whoever this next Pres would be -- I hope he'll do something good for the country not just travel around the world and be involved in hundreds of schemes.

Lynn 15:19  

@Missy straight Liberal ka? hmm that would make it easier nga.

@Anonymous I've heard some bad things about Binay from friends too.

@myfingerstyping yeah, let's hope and pray for that...

myfingersrtyping 19:41  

for a month, I've been so involved in Phil. politics and I've studied and watched every debate/show about the aspirants themselves and If I am (still) a filipino citizen and will practice my right to vote, my vote goes to Gibo. :D

C 01:05  

Me, I think that both Noy Noy and Jejomar B. deserve to be the President of the Philippines. So, since one is running for vice, I'd pick Noy Noy and Jejomar for vice.

I like your choices, though!

DO vote! It's your duty! And it DOES make a difference! Throughout history, there are many cases of just ONE vote changing the course of history! :)

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