Tuesday, May 11

Post-election musings

The election is over and for the first time in our history, we pretty much knew who won the election after just one day... even with the long queues and PCOS machine snafus, I think it went better than expected. The heads of the usual suspects--aka election cheaters and loser crybabies--must be spinning.

Cheating in this automated elections proved difficult, so some politicians' lackeys resorted to desperate measures like identifying supporters of their candidates' opponents and paying them NOT to vote and using indelible ink to make sure they really can't vote... now that's creative vote buying, if pathetic.

I've always watched other countries' elections with envy--results within hours of the polls closing, losers conceding graciously--and though they were glitches, I'm gratified that we've finally (finally!) caught up with the 21st century.

Kudos to Sen. Manny Villar for quickly conceding when it had become clear that he could not overcome Sen. Noynoy Aquino's lead... same with Gibo Teodoro, Richard Gordon, Bro. Eddie Villanueva and JC de los Reyes. I think classy concession speeches should be the norm in our elections from now on. None of that "dinaya kasi ako" cr*p that every loser candidate used to whine about.

Joseph "Erap" Estrada is still not conceding though and his lawyer even threatened to file an election fraud case against Noynoy (as if Noynoy is in a position to perpetrate fraud)... get real Erap, you're trailing by 5 million with about 90% of the votes counted. Just be thankful that people still voted for you even after you've been convicted and jailed for "plunder". I bet President Macapagal-Arroyo now wishes she didn't pardon Erap the delusional. Sheesh.

Update: Madrigal, Perlas and de los Reyes whine about ‘election irregularities’. Not conceding either .


myfingersrtyping 21:02  

congrats to all the Filipinos who went out and voted on monday and I am glad that I think to date, this is the one of the most "peaceful" elections we ever had. No massive black outs etc etc.

Lynn 22:11  

yeah, "only" 6 people dead w/c is apparently an all-time low for us. :o

Missy,  01:24  

buti na lang tumakbo si Noynoy kung hindi baka si Erap uli presidente natin, yuck!

Lydia 08:07  

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Em 21:17  

yes agree @Missy, imagine if we have Erap as our president again?!tsk!

Lynn, my flag counter widget was that from my old wordpress account :D

Lynn 22:14  

@Em, oh, ok... bakit kaya pareho lahat ang info ng flag counter natin? There's something wrong with it siguro, I just feel bad coz I thought I'm getting your traffic, that's why I told you about it. :)

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