Sunday, May 23

Poor Fergie...

life is not a fairytale
Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson, Duchess of York apologizes for her "serious lapse in judgment" after being caught on film accepting money in exchange for access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew. This latest Fergie scandal is so far removed from the promise of the spectacular "fairytale wedding" I goggled at as a little kid, it's mind-boggling.

Watching this video of the sting taken by the tabloid News of the World just filled me with incredible sadness for her. I know her fairytale didn't work out, but to be so desperate (and drunk!) to do something like this...

She looked so defeated, it's quite tragic. I've long ago outgrown my fascination with royalty, but I can't help but wish that Fergie, one of the princesses of my childhood, could still salvage a future from the wreckage of her not-so-fairytale past.


Bing,  21:04  

Nakakalungkot na pareho sila naging miserable ni Princess Diana. Life is not a fairytale nga. :(

Jane 23:24  

I swear these royals are put in this world to make us feel better... their lives are way more messed up than ours could ever be, haha!

Em 07:28  

ditto @Jane ;)

but I guess everyone is really capable of doing these kinda things esp when you're hurt, depress, angry, high, drunk and wanted to seek revenge.

I'm still wishing the best for her and Prince Andrew..

Lynn 16:41  

@Bing Oo nga e.

@Jane Yeah, but it's sad that fairytales don't come true anymore.

@Em Right, I know what she did was wrong but I can't muster any condemnation for Fergie, it's terrible how her life turned out.

C 21:46  

I think it's sick how people try to feast on the despair of others. It's just sick to exploit her in her despair and show this to the world just to make money off of her... (of course I'm talking about the people who obtained this footage to make a paycheck)

Rinka 12:03  

Every1 has problem...some are better hiding them !! ya, life is not a fairy-tale, even for the royals

Lynn 21:46  

@C So true.

@Rinka It's really unfortunate. :(

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