Tuesday, May 18

Oh, zit!

I don't know why I'm having acne breakouts lately. I don't even have the late nights at work to blame--since I've sprained my foot--I've had the lightest of schedules. Was it the heat? Hormones? I've never had zits galore like this on my face ever and it's driving me crazy!

I had to look at my zit-laden mug for 2 week now. How I wish there's a rule that when one hits 30, acne will be but a distant memory. I don't want to go to my dermatologist friend Kate's clinic just yet... I know she'd have to give me cortisone injections and I'd like to avoid that by treating my inflamed zits first to dry it up (I abhor needles!).

Using a mild facial cleanser like Cetaphil and applying 5% benzoyl peroxide all over my face 2x a day has always worked for me. I tried Clinelle's blemish care with isodecyl salicylate but it didn't work... my skin had always responded terribly to creams with salicylic acid and it's no different this time. So I'm back to the Cetaphil/Benzac combo (plus a mild moisturizer) and fervently hopes it works its magic again. Zits suck!

Update: This regimen still works for me, thank goodness! To those asking about where they can get Benzac and Cetaphil--if you're in the Philippines--they are available at Watsons in every SM mall. I bet they can also be found at any major drug store near you, wherever you are.


Bing,  19:05  

Bad trip talaga pag may pimple! Ang sarap tirisin, kaya lang mabubutas naman. Hay nagka gastos2 din ako sa pagpapa derma, buti nga may friend ka siguro libre ka dun hehe.

Em 19:23  

I use clean & clear advantage acne spot treatment.. I've been breaking out lately, it's the weather (it could be really humid sometimes) plus the sweat and the oil and dirt from my hair from spending too much time outside.

Lynn 03:24  

@Bing Oo nga, kaya lang mas ma irritate pag kinalikot mo pa e. Yeah libre, but ang sakit magpa treat lalo na pag fresh pa yung pimple.

@Em I'll try that if this doesn't work as expected. It's really difficult to follow a beauty regimen with this summer weather... hope your breakout is not as bad as mine. :)

C 21:48  

hahahahha! A doctor who is afraid of needles!!!! :D :D :D

topshoppe 04:46  

if you know clear action system from Nu Skin, definitely you will like it, in less than one month, totally gone ang acne. Medyo costly siya for 7K, pero complete products na siya, with cleanser, toner day and night cream na! effective talaga and mild sa skin, hindi siya drying sa balat unllike OTC meds or acne. try nyo, message me @ 09055305508, we'll tell you how to buy!

Anonymous,  21:07  

proactiv is really effective with me kaya lang medyo mahal lang talaga compared to other products. Pagprone ka sa pimples it really requires you to make a daily face regimen...

Lynn 20:01  

@topshoppe Thanks, my cousin has tried Nu Skin and she says good things about it, but I can't get over how expensive it is! ;)

@anon I've used proactiv before and it worked too, but I've learned that benzoyl peroxide, cetaphil and Olay moisturizer work just as well for me... and it's way cheaper.

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