Wednesday, May 5

Willie Revillame = whiny baby

big bully
Willie Revillame is at it again... this time threatening to resign from his noontime show "Wowowee" if the management of ABS-CBN don't fire showbiz reporter Jobert Sucaldito who he thinks is out to get him. I understand that criticism is always tough to swallow, but I don't think it's wise for Willie to throw his weight around like this, it just makes him look like a bully.

I don't get how someone who's been in showbiz for decades could still be so sensitive about what others say about him or his show... you're being paid millions Willie, and in this economy it's probably not prudent to act like your bosses--who picked you up from has-beendom--owe you anything.

Yeah sure, "Wowowee" is making a lot of money for ABS-CBN but I think its success owes more to its prize-giving, girls-jiggling format than its thin-skinned arrogant host. So Willie Revillame, resign already or shut your pie-hole!

hat tip @myfingerstyping

the whole rant:

Update: Willie goes on "indefinite leave".

Update 2: Willie asks ABS-CBN's management to release him from his contract.
Update 3: Better "Wowowee" ratings with Robin Padilla at the helm.
Update 4: "Indefinite break" for Willie.
Update 5: Wowowee canceled. Replaced by Kris Aquino and Robin Padilla's "Pilipinas for the Win".


Bing,  20:42  

Salamat naman at nag post ka na dito. Hay nag pa power trip lang ang Willie na yan, may araw din sya. Ay yabang na, pikon pa.

Anonymous,  00:24  

Willie SUCKS! I really hope he resigns. The show would be better without him. The only reason why his CDs actually even sell are because he has his henchmen go buy them at stores and then he gives them away to the audience. Why else would he be able to place on these music charts? I really hope Filipinos don't have THAT BAD taste in music. Willie can leave and I for one (and millions of others) will be celebrating. LEAVE WILLIE! Nobody gives a damn whether you resign or not. In fact, PEOPLE WANT YOU TO RESIGN!

Anonymous,  07:01  

i will be one of the many who will rejoice if this chauvinist bird-brained host will be kicked out of the boob tube. he doesn't deserve to be there. mas marami pang magagaling na hosts kesa sa kanya.

myfingersrtyping 09:58  

thank you for putting this up! weeh! hehe

WILLIE RESIGN!! that's all I can say for now.

Jane 15:56  

He is an ingrate... giving an ultimatum to abs-cbn? He thinks very highly of himself, I hope he resigns for real.

Liza 16:37  

I agree sa post na to at sa lahat ng mga unang nag comment, totohanin nya na yang pag re resign. May pa banta-banta pa syang nalalaman, hay naku!

Lynn 21:23  

Your comments are too funny! LMAO.

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