Monday, March 8

About condoms and bishops...

"Condom debate brought to bishops’ doorstep", this headline from the Inquirer cracked me up for some reason. I don't understand why the Catholic Church and its bishops are so dead set on denying people access to condoms. Don't get me wrong, I'm strongly pro-life, but I believe couples should have a choice on what contraceptions to use. It's better to use something than to have children you can't feed or worse, have an abortion.

I don't want anyone to compromise their faith, but we have to consider what's been happening in this country for years. When I was at med school--though abortion was not legal here (it still isn't)), I saw lots of patients who had induced abortions for very selfish reasons (too young, too drunk, too busy, too many kids already etc.). For me, these women could have avoided killing their unborn children if only they cared enough to use protection or exercised some self-control.

Teaching about faith and morality starts at home. I'm sure most of us have been warned about sex and its rewards/risks... but people are people. I've seen women who have been raised in the church--from good families, pick  men who were just total losers. None of them ever had abortions, but the consequences from their decisions to have unprotected sex with jerks are still with them. I heard someone say that "there's no condom for heartbreak", and it's so true. The Catholic Church and others should not be derided for holding on to their faith, but I think seeking to ban condom advertisements is not the way to go. We have to be realistic and practical and let people decide.


Liza,  01:44  

Tumpak! Di ko rin ma intindihan yang mga bishops na yan. Alam mo I like the picture you used here, parang nakaka bighani ;)

Lynn 04:42  

@Liza colorful kasi kaya maganda.

C 21:47  

The Catholic Church is only thinking about money. I'm sorry, but I believe that.

Every baptism, they make money.

Every Catholic person who goes to church, they make tithes.

Every wedding they perform because somebody got pregnant and has to get married, they make money.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is completely overpopulated and impoverished.

Birth control has nothing to do with one's faith. And faith has nothing to do with birth control.

People really need to educate themselves and stop believing anything that the Catholic church tells them to believe.

Bishops are not God. And bishops are not any holier than anybody else.


Pinoy Blabbermouth 17:57  

Condom, in itself, is not sinful. Pre-marital sex and abortion are. Clearly, the Catholic Church failed to instill the value of chastity among its 'followers' and the best thing they can come up to cover their mistakes is to ban condom advertisements, which I personally find downright stupid.

Just my two cents.

Lynn 16:46  

@C yeah, but all churches do that nowadays, imo.

@Pinoy Blabbermouth I agree, chastity seems like a dirty word for some people now.

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