Monday, March 29

Visiting Ninoy and Cory Aquino at Manila Memorial Park

free to pose... 
We visited the graves of Ninoy and Cory Aquino at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque after attending a cremation service at La Funeraria Paz. The security guard there said there's always a steady stream of people visiting the tomb everyday, which is heartening considering how this couple impacted Philippine history. I'd like to think it's a sign that Filipinos have not forgotten who their real heroes are.

... and pose
I noticed that people visiting for the first time marveled at how unpretentious it was, "sobrang simple"... I guess it's just refreshing to see the graves of heroic figures--who played such vital roles in the rebirth of our democracy--look not unlike the graves of our grandparents. No sir, there's no marble or granite in sight, but I guess when you're secure of your place in history, you wouldn't want or need a flashy mausoleum. Strangers would still leave flowers, pose for pictures and wonder how they got so lucky you once lived and died for them.

flowers for heroes   
***I don't know the family in the topmost picture, I just took this with my camera... and sort of warned them I'd put this on here. :)


Anonymous,  09:22  

when I come back home I will for sure visit their graves and pay respect.

Lynn 13:33  

@myfingersrtyping good plan, just email me if you need a tour guide... :)

myfingersrtyping 19:45  

yes, I will let you know ;) btw, I have a new "home", if you don't mind having me on your blog roll again and/or following me. thanks ;) just click my name and it should direct you to my site :D

Lynn 21:59  

@myfingersrtyping Eeek! You've transferred to Blogger, cool!

C 03:56  

Girl, you take photos of unsuspecting people?? At a GRAVEYARD!!???


You're my kinda gal!!!!! ;)

I love ya already!!!!!! :D

Lynn 04:18  

@C Apparently, I do. LOL. ;)

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