Monday, March 22

Tiger Woods finally answers questions

sad and sorry...
Tiger Woods finally granted interviews to ESPN and The Golf Channel after his spectacular cheating scandal. He's returning to golf at the Masters and trying to work things out with his wife Elin. Though I don't like his crappy "sex addiction" treatment excuse, and still can't believe he was stupid enough to put himself and his family in this situation... I remain a fan of his golf game and I'm glad he's trying to make things right.

Of course, there are those who feel they are owed more by Tiger, and want him to spill his guts out, give more details and cry... but I think he's done enough groveling in public. The most important person he should grovel to is his wife Elin who he claims to love.

None of us were harmed by Tiger's affairs and he's been humiliated publicly, lost sponsorships and things would never be the same for him because of his indiscriminate womanizing... so we should just let him be, and once again focus on his golf swing like we used to.


Anonymous,  21:03  

have you read his sexts messages to a pornstar??!(forgot who haha)

Lynn 21:20  

@myfingersrtyping I did unfortunately. That's what he gets for picking a pornstar named Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Joslyn James... embarrassing.

C 00:21  

I don't understand any woman (Elin) who could still stay after all of that.

I bet if Tiger were a broke bum living in a trailer home, and did all that, Elin would have been looooooooong gone. ;)

Lynn 03:27  

@C It's mind-boggling but understandable. She's probably thinking mainly about what's good for her young children.

Yeah, rich guys do get away with a lot. :(

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