Friday, March 12

Teachers and "losers"

Rex Roland, a teacher at Enka Middle School in North Carolina thought it was cute to scribble insulting notes like "-20% for being a loser" on his young student's paper. Apparently this has happened before... the mother of the 6th grade student complained about this to the principal a few months ago, and was rightly outraged when it happened again.

I can't believe a grown man could be so petty... no one, young or old, likes being called a "loser", okay? To do this again and again to an impressionable 11-year-old is really low. No matter if he thinks it's just a joke, the girl evidently was bothered enough by it to tell her mother. A teacher is paid to teach, not snipe at helpless little girls or play the big bully... sheesh.


Liza,  01:59  

It's cruel to do that to a kid. The teacher is the LOSER in this story!

Lynn 18:30  

Yes, he's the loser in this. At least his name is (in)famous now. :)

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