Thursday, March 18

Jesse James = Idiot

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Another cheater bites the dust. Sandra Bullock's husband apologized for his "poor judgment" after a tattooed chick sold her story to inTouch magazine claiming she had an affair with him while Sandra was busy shooting "The Blind Side". This is insane. What kind of man in his right mind would cheat on Sandra Bullock?

I don't know why men like Jesse James, Tiger Woods etc. risk everything to get freaky with these kind of women--the kind who would try to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing ("I thought he was separated"? give me a break). A woman who sleeps with another woman's husband is pure scum, but a woman who sells her story to the highest bidder is even worse.

My heart goes out to Sandra--just 2 weeks after winning an Oscar--her jerk husband's mistress pulls something like this. What a way to come down to earth... people are saying she's the latest to be struck down by the "Oscar curse" of being unlucky in love after taking home the Oscar.

But what happened here is pretty simple really... Jesse James is just another unfaithful creep who was idiot enough to believe he'd get away with cheating on his gorgeous wife, and ungrateful enough to do this while she's helping him raise his children.

Update: More women come forward. Alleged 4th mistress won't be spilling the beans. Posing as Hitler too?
Update 2: Sandra Bullock files for divorce. Jesse James reacts.

Sandra Bullock with her stepkids
Photograph by: Scan/Getty Images, Canwest News Services


Liza,  17:15  

He's a total creep. He was married and had a kid with a pornstar, so he likes trashy women like this skank.

Jane 17:55  

He's not even hot, Sandra Bullock deserves so much better than this cheating panget!

Lynn 19:09  

@Liza Pornstar? Figures.

@Jane You're so right. Di na nga sya guwapo taksil pa, tsk, tsk!

Dori and Auj 17:48  

That's the most irritating part.. his kids are not even hers. But still.. oh well.. You deserve the gold at the Oscar's Sandra! ;)

I just hope the curse of the gold stops..

Lynn 18:10  

@Dori and Auj Right. Sandra seems to be a loving stepmom to his kids and she got this public humiliation as a 'thank you'. What a loser.

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