Friday, March 19

Emilia Boncodin: 1954-2010

...well done good and faithful servant...Matthew 25
Emilia Boncodin the former Budget Secretary, died earlier this week due to complications of kidney disease. One of a rare breed of public servants who served her country honorably--who did not enrich herself (e.g. steal) while in public office--which is very rare in this country indeed.

I knew she was from Iriga City, the same city where I was born... so every time she was on TV while she was still in office, I could not help but feel proud (I'm kinda tribal like that). When she resigned amidst the "Hello Garci" scandal that embroiled President Macapagal-Arroyo, my admiration for her grew even more.

It's really sad to lose a principled public servant, even sadder to know that if she had lived to see Noynoy Aquino win the presidency, she would have been brought back in to do what she did best. But alas, such is life. I'm pleasantly surprised and glad at the media coverage of Emilia Boncodin's death. I guess honest, scandal-free public servants like her are so hard to come by these days, people can't help but take notice.


Missy,  23:03  

Rest in peace, Emy. I hope more people will be inspired by the way she lived her life. A true public servant.

Anonymous,  04:53  

Sayang na pumanaw na si Sec. Boncodin. Sana ang mga kurakot na lang na opisyal ang maunang matigok.

Lynn 14:55  

@Missy Yes, we need more honest people in government.

@Anonymous Oo nga 'no? Di, binibigyan pa sila ng chance ng Diyos na magbago... :)

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