Wednesday, March 31

It's April Fools' Day

not happy...
FMXZ4XRFJPFB I can't believe I forgot that it's April Fools' day today. I got a call from a co-worker Dr. Joson at 3:30am that I have to come to the hospital pronto to relieve Dr. Go--who was on duty--because he had to leave early to attend to a family emergency. So I hastily woke myself up, took a shower, got ready to leave then called Dr. Go that I'm on my way...

Good thing I called him first. He was like "huh?" and told me there isn't any family emergency that he knows of and he wasn't expecting me to relieve him until later this afternoon as scheduled. So I'm thinking of ways to get back at the mean Dr. Joson.

I think these pranks from are altogether too nice, don't you think? I want to get her sooo bad... she knows too that it would be very hard for me to get back to sleep now, so she's gloating hard. My revenge has to be terrible enough for her to think twice before messing with me like this again... help!


Jane 18:15  

That was mean at 330am? grabe ha, this means war! hehe, I'll help you. Sent you an email.

myfingersrtyping 18:37  

ahm how about you pretend to be really mad at her and totally ignore her for the rest of the day? Pull up a "i'm sick but still willing to go to work and what I get is shiz?" type.

Liza 18:46  

just make sure she's not reading your blog ha, or she'll know what you're planning.

Lynn 19:44  

@Jane oo humanda sya sa kin ;)

@myfingersrtyping that could work, thanks!

@Liza don't worry, she doesn't know...

myfingersrtyping 06:37  

are you done with your "revenge?" haha if not, then good luck ;)

Lynn 19:07  

Not yet... I won't see her again until after the easter holidays. :(

C 03:08  

I really think April Fool's Day is a mean holiday... I got a shock or two myself.... grrrr... I don't like it at all...brings back frightful childhood memories of my auntie telling me I had spiders on my back! I jumped up and screamed and everybody in the restaurant looked at me like I was weird.

I don't like it.


Lynn 03:21  

@C spiders? LOL! Well, it IS a mean holiday.

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