Wednesday, March 3

Kid directing air traffic: cute, but...


A dad who took his kid to work is in trouble for letting him give directions to pilots taking off at New York's JFK International Airport. It must have been exciting for this boy to pretend to be like his air traffic controller dad. It's darned cute too, but let's face it, it's not a good idea--even if the dad was dictating instructions and the kid appeared to be following them dutifully .

After all that's happened with terrorism threats and such, everybody's understandably jumpy about security breaches at airports. Security regulations must be adhered to. The last thing people need is to have kids running around at control towers, directing air traffic. I hope the controller does not lose his job because of this, though. No one was harmed here so he should just be let off with a stern warning.


Ken,  17:48  

Yeah, not the wisest decision for the dad.

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