Monday, March 15

Weirdest wake-up call

happy to see me? Not.
I woke up with these three guys gawking at me through my window. You know there's something about living in a high-rise building that makes one believe one is safe from peeping toms but as you can see, window washers are another matter. All part of their jobs I know, but this was just freaky...

work it!
I should have closed the curtains, but I was too tired when I arrived home from work this morning (I've been keeping weird hours at the hospital these past few days because someone on my team got sick)--I went to sleep still wearing my scrub suit--it was just as well, it would have been creepier if they caught me in my underwear, eeek!

working on a scaffolding must be fun...
So as "punishment" for these guys for startling me out of my slumber, I took their pictures (they were posing!)... and since I could not get back to sleep--I thought what the heck, might as well post this here.


Pinoy Blabbermouth,  23:34  

LOL'd. They ALMOST caught you! Be careful next time.

Jane 23:56  

OMG, good thing you have clothes on hehe. What if they caught you coming out of the shower hubo? :O

Liza,  00:43  

Di ba nag warning yung building admin nyo? Hay, buti na lang naka scrubs ka pang natulog at ikaw lang ang may camera =)

C 02:19  

These men were looking at you while you were sleeping?

I hope your not a "naked sleeper" ..!!

omg! I would have been so embarrassed and furious!!!!


Lynn 03:15  

@Pinoy Blabbermouth I will, thanks!

@Jane haha can't imagine...

@Liza They probably called, but I might not have been home yet then

@C Fortunately, I have never been a naked sleeper lol... they were just doing their jobs. I'd just make sure I close the curtains from now on.

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