Tuesday, March 23

Wife wins $9 million from "other woman"

wife vs. mistress
 Wow. This is a wake-up call to skanky home-wreckers everywhere. Jilted wife Cynthia Shackleford, sued her husband's mistress Anne Lundquist for "alienation of affections" and won a $9 million judgment. Shackleford said she did this in hopes that other women will stop and think first before they shack up with married men.

Some people think this alienation of affections law is archaic, but I think it's great that there's a way for wives to go after their husbands' mistresses. I know marriage is most often complicated, but if a spouse is unhappy and the marriage is not working out... why not be honest and leave first before finding another? Good for Cynthia Shackleford for standing up for herself.


Jane 18:34  

I think this is a fitting revenge, the wife gets some money and her ex-husband and his slut are humiliated by the publicity arising from this, hehe.

Connie,  20:09  

A woman scorned is a formidable force. I think that Anne person should pay, that should teach her a lesson along with the cheater excuse-spewing ex.

Liza 22:15  

It's payback time for that husband stealing biatch. I bet it's no fun being exposed for the amoral sh*t she is. LMAO!

Anonymous,  22:54  

Ouch! I bet the mistress will think twice about being a mistress again!! it's too expensive.....Have a super day! hugs, Jennifer

Lynn 03:11  

@Jane slut?! hehe

@Connie I hope she's learned a lesson and the stolen ex is worth $9 million to her.

@Liza Yeah, payback's ab*tch. LOL.

@Jennifer "Ouch!" is right. Thanks so much for visiting. :)

C 21:38  

Cynthia Shackelford = Hero.

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