Tuesday, April 13

Abu Sayyaf strikes again

poor Basilan
It makes me sick to my stomach that I have to share my country with these murderous Abu Sayyaf bastards. Bombing churches, schools and other public places for their stupid ideology (a separate Islamic province, really?). These thugs are pure evil. I'm normally not a bloodthirsty person but I'm glad one of the bombs exploded prematurely taking out 3 terrorists bombers--a perfect example of being hoisted on your own petard.

from the Inquirer:
ZAMBOANGA CITY—Abu Sayyaf bandits took their campaign of terror to the heart of Basilan on Tuesday, setting off bombs at a Roman Catholic cathedral, school grandstand and three other places, and clashing with government forces in Isabela City.
At least 15 people, including the brother of Abu Sayyaf leader Purudji Indama, were killed in the attacks staged by armed men wearing police and military uniforms, reports said Monday night. “This is definitely the handiwork of terrorists out to sow fear among the people of the province,” Senior Supt. Antonio Mendoza, Basilan police chief, told reporters in Manila.
More here.


Bing,  00:28  

Mga evil talaga itong mga teroristang ito. Di na lang sila magpatayan nandadamay pa ng mga inosenteng tao. Mga buwisit!

Lynn 18:53  

Sinabi mo pa. Diyos na ang bahala sa kanila, Bing.

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