Thursday, April 8

HP Slate better than the iPad?

Slate or iPad?
I've been wanting to buy an ebook reader forever. I had set my heart on the Amazon Kindle and just when it finally became available here, a friend persuaded me to wait for the Barnes and Noble "Nook" because it looks better, with a color display. So I bought an iPod Touch in the meantime and I'm happy with it so far, though I get eyestrain if I read a book on it too long--the screen is just too small for my astigmatic eyes.

Now that the iPad has been released to mostly rapturous reviews, I was thinking of getting one when it gets here--but after reading about the soon to be released HP Slate's specs--I've decided to wait. The Slate reportedly will have a camera, webcam, SD card reader, Adobe Flash support and USB port--all the stuff the iPad lacks. I hope this prompts Apple to add more features to the iPad... I like its design better but it would be so great to have a tablet computer/ebook reader with all the extra bells and whistles.


Missy,  16:52  

the Slate looks good, like you I've decided to wait for its release and compare the reviews with the iPad.

myfingersrtyping 19:41  

wow! I wish I'm really techie haha

Liza 19:55  

These gadgets are confusing the hell out of me too. I agree the hp slate looks more useful but the ipad is prettier. I don't know I'm sorta a Machead, hahaha!

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