Sunday, April 25

Good Samaritan and the "bystander effect"

What an end for a Good Samaritan
Poor Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax. He was just trying to help a woman from getting mugged, got stabbed for his trouble and 25 indifferent people passed him by while he lay dying on the sidewalk... one jerk even took a picture on his cellphone then went on his way.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to dial 911 but it took more than an hour before help arrived  for Mr.Tale-Yax, too late to save him. This is a classic case of the "bystander effect" when the presence of others makes one assume someone else would help, so nothing is done.

I'm not expecting anyone to play the hero, but come on, at least call the police/emergency services if you don't know what to do!


Missy,  19:54  

I feel so sorry for this man and sorrier for the losers who did not lift a finger to help him. Cowards!

myfingersrtyping 16:43  

watching the video is breaking my heart to pieces ;'( one of my psych prof had his own share of this bystander effect thing. it's this thing: they are not "bad" people, it's human nature to "ignore" a scenario like this because we think that there will always be someone who will help the ones in need.

Lynn 18:02  

@Missy they are not bad people, they just thought someone else would do it for them.
@myfingerstyping your prof. is absolutely right...

C 00:41  

Is this for real? This story? This makes me sick to my stomach! I can't believe it!

We are in the last days of this earth...

Did the lady he was trying to help, try to help him in return? No?

This is so sick, seriously.

Lynn 01:38  

Yes it really happened, C. As far as I know, the lady he was trying to help ran away in fear... she probably didn't notice that her rescuer was hurt. :(

Nigel,  15:59  

Hi. Nice blog, I found you through BBC_WHYS.

Lynn 16:37  

Thanks Nigel, I checked my traffic and true enough, lots of people came from the BBC_WHYS twitter page. Yay!

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