Sunday, April 18

Strip clubs and babies don't mix, okay?

not the sharpest knife in the drawer
Wayne Ricardo Schwamm, a clueless dad from New Zealand, left his sick baby alone in his car outside a strip club. He was just supposed to pick up a friend working at the club but the friend had to work overtime so he "stayed longer and longer". Hmm, maybe he enjoyed the view too much? Whatever the reason, this is incredibly stupid.

A father has admitted leaving a baby with a heart condition outside a Wellington strip club in the middle of the night. Wayne Ricardo Schwamm, 42, of Feilding, left the 18-month-old boy in the back of a car while he was in Splash Club - which is attached to The Mermaid strip club - on Courtenay Pl on April 13. 
In Wellington District Court this morning he pleaded guilty to a charge of leaving a child under 14 without reasonable supervision. ...He left the boy on the back seat in a basket with the windows up for 40 minutes before a passerby noticed and called police about 3am.
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Missy,  03:27  

This poor excuse for a father should attend parenting lessons. That poor baby needs a proper dad.

Anonymous,  22:34  

I hope he's learned from this. Strip club? Seriously.

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