Thursday, April 22

Oh, to be the President's manicurist...

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President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo recently appointed her personal manicurist and stylist Anita Carpon to the board of the Pag-IBIG Housing Fund. I have nothing against manicurists--I have many fond memories hanging around my auntie Poying's beauty salon--but this is just odd.

I'm all for having ordinary people represented in government agencies, but being "officer-in-charge of Madame President's ingrown toenails and cuticles" is not enough qualification for this job.

The president also tapped her gardener Armando Macapagal as deputy of the Luneta Park Administration, without any administrative experience. Goodness, nothing screams "banana republic" more than these examples of blatant political patronage.

from AFP:
MANILA — Philippine President Gloria Arroyo has named her manicurist to the board of a major government agency, her spokesman said Thursday. The appointment of Anita Carpon to the board of a body responsible for lending tens of millions of dollars for the housing needs of government employees has drawn sharp criticism.
Arroyo's spokesman Gary Olivar defended Carpon's new posting and confirmed her other job as the president's stylist... Local media reports say Carpon will receive a monthly salary of about 130,000 pesos (about 2,900 dollars), double that of the president herself. 
Update: Anita Carpon declines appointment. Good for her.


Anonymous,  11:44  

you couldn't pay me enough to be a toe manicurist!!!...LOL!! that's crazy! have a nice day! Hugs, Jennifer

Bing,  17:24  

P130,000 ang sweldo? Sana naging manikurista na lang ako, huhu!

Jane 18:07  

"officer-in-charge of Madame President's ingrown toenails and cuticles", priceless! hehe

Lynn 19:59  

@Jennifer me too, LOL!
@Bing ako nga din e hehe
@Jane ang weird nga no? :)

myfingersrtyping 22:35  

don't hate me but I don't get what's the big fuss about this?are the well schooled people in the politics just being bitter? Erap who probably just on the same level as PGMA's manikurista and hardinero, intellectually speaking run for presidency and not to mention, he won, so why not them?(manikurista and hardinero?)

myfingersrtyping 22:41  

they maybe are manikurista and hardineros lang but who knows?they might have the it to be in charge with something as big as this.

all or actually most of that we have in the government right now are bragging about how smart they are, but have they done anything spectacular for the country yet?

Lynn 23:20  

@myfingersrtyping I understand what you're saying... It's just the blatant use of her appointing powers that galls me. But with everything that's going on here, this is a small thing in comparison.

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