Friday, April 16

Noynoy Aquino on Time Magazine cover

his time?
 Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III graces the cover of the April 25 issue of Time Magazine. I read through the accompanying article “The Next Aquino: Can Noynoy save the Philippines?” and did a double take when I read this quote from Newsbreak magazine editor Marites Vitug:
"Our trust in politics has been so eroded that people just want a new leader who will do the very basic — who will not be corrupt, who will be good,"
That is exactly  how I feel. I'm not looking for a "savior" in this election only someone who will lead this country with honesty and sincerity. I'm not expecting that all our problems will go away by electing a new President--I just want someone who will not steal from our coffers, who will put the people first.

I believe a leader does not need highfalutin degrees to be effective, he just got to have common sense and integrity. The greatest problem we have in this country is government corruption, so we need to elect leaders who will not compromise their honor... that may be a tall order but I'm optimistic there are still people like that running for office this election.

Update: Landslide victory.


Bing,  02:11  

I know the feeling. I want a president who is honest for a change. I've had it with these thieves in government! Kakasawa na.

Jane 15:53  

I hope Noynoy's got the character of his parents... and that cover is a good picture of him by the way. ;)

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