Wednesday, April 14

Manny Villar's C5 vs. Noynoy Aquino's SCTEX

compare and contrast
The election is just a month away and predictably, accusations and counter-accusations from various politicians running against each other are flying right and left. Philippine politics is crazy and gets even more so come election time, I mean they are even taunting each other to get psychological tests now (maybe to prove who's crazier?)

Politics here is not for the faint of heart. So what's happening now as the election approaches is just the usual. Anyway, my FB friend Caloy shared this video of Winnie Monsod's analysis of Manny Villar's C5 road extension project and Noynoy Aquino's SCTEX.  Watch this and decide for yourself.


Missy,  22:43  

Manny Villar turned out to be just a common corrupt politician. How disappointing.

Gregorio Sison,  04:39  

Hindi na dapat Pinag-uusapan itong tungkol sa C5 road extension, tapos na ito eh. And manny Villar is not CORRUPT. Gusto lamang niyang tumulong, kaya lang, binabatikos nila kaya nag-mumukha siyang masama. Black propaganda. hayy.

myfingersrtyping 20:25  

all of them are corrupt anyways..

C 23:10  

NoyNoy is the son of heroes.

I don't even think he should be compared to somebody who married money.

Anonymous,  23:26  

Noynoy is the son of heroes, BUT that DOESN"T MEAN he is one. This is the kind of filipino mentality that screws things up. C, use your freakin brain fer cryin out loud and dont think like a red neck.... so kung lahat tumalon sa balon, TATALON KA RIN??? superb mentality C. bagay nga kayo ng kandidato mo.

Lynn 17:14  

Hey guys everyone's entitled to their opinion... no need to attack anyone, name-calling is so childish, imo. We may be supporting different candidates, but we should be civilized about it at the very least.

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