Thursday, April 15

What happened to Whitney Houston?

come back, Whitney
Is "The Voice" gone forever? I feel so sad watching videos of Whitney Houston's recent concert performances. She sounded so hoarse and out of breath--just miles away from the singer I've loved since childhood--what did she do to her voice? Was it the drugs and the years of hard living? So terrible to see one of the greatest voices ever heard in pop music reduced to this.

Update: Whitney Houston Addresses Voice Problems At London Show 


C 23:07  

Whenever I remember Whitney Houston, I think of The Bodyguard. I was just a child, but loved the movie so much.

It really is such a shame.

Lynn 03:00  

Yeah. Such a shame, to hear her voice like this is painful.

Jane 15:55  

Kids, this is what could happen when you don't say no to drugs. Sayang ang boses ni Whitney talaga. :(

myfingersrtyping 19:33  

this what money and fame and bad influence people can do to you.

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