Monday, April 5

Summer Weather Really Sucks!

sooo hot...
This hot weather is making me miserable, it was 95˚F (35˚C) yesterday and according to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) forecasters, it's going to get even warmer in the days ahead.

I have a bet going on with my friend Jane about getting through the summer without turning on the aircon and now I'm afraid I'll lose if this weather persists (there's a Lacoste bag on the line). I'm hanging on by a thread here. I hope it would rain soon.

Update: getting hotter still...


Anonymous,  22:43  

I hate hot weather too! it makes me feel so slugish....I hope it cools off so you win the bag...Hugs, Jennifer

myfingersrtyping 09:35  

wow! hang in there for the sake of the Lacoste bag.

Lynn 16:51  

I appreciate the support guys! :)

C 03:49  

It's been sooooooo hoooooootttttt!

It's so hot, that our tap water is already warm water!

Lynn 04:10  

Right on, C. We have no use for the water heater now.

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